Doodles of the World

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Doodles of the World was inspired by my two doodles, Quinn & Tegan. It first started off with their own instagram page @quinn_tegan, in 2014. It was here where I quickly found other crazy doodle moms & dads that felt the same way about their furry child. If you own a doodle or know doodles, you know what I mean. We're passionate about this breed and love our dogs as important members of our family.  Over time Quinn & Tegan's page grew and attracted many followers. I found I got such tremendous joy from engaging with everyone from around the world. It was a couple of years later in December 2016 when I decided to start Doodles of the World.  Why not share doodles from all over the world with everyone? 


I also created Doodles of California and enjoy promoting dogs right in our own backyard. 

Our Goal With Doodles of the World Community

We want to work with people and brands that are thoughtful and have empathy for humans and the dogs we love so much. We believe we can help educate, inform, and bring awareness to this community with helpful tips, advice, and above all joy. Let's celebrate this amazing breed and bring smiles and warm the hearts of our dogs and their humans!

Every month a portion of our proceeds go to rescues devoted to helping this great breed. Visit our Rescue page to see who we're supporting right now and how you can get involved. 

sniff, sniff, wag, wag

~ Michelle 

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Poos & Doodles 

Poos & Doodles by design are not just one breed. In fact, they're not recognized by the AKC because they're not purebreds. And as fans of poos & doodles we're okay with that. Many of us are attracted to these dogs because of their warm hearts, their intuitive behavior and their crazy antics that make us laugh. The breed can be all of those things and much more to so many of us. They're also attractive because many of them are hypoallergenic and non or low-shed.  It's hard to answer what exactly makes up this breed. These dogs are a blend of other popular breeds combined with "poos" or "doodles" (some percentage of poodle)  that create the perfect pet.  Many of them also have several hybrids of other popular breeds also mixed in.  The percentages can vary greatly along with the generational aspect of the mix as well. There's plenty on the internet so if there's interest in these wonderful dogs, please do your research and consult with an expert breeder or rescue organization. The blends and mixes are vast and that's what makes these dogs so unique and different. At last count, there are some 21 mixes of these hybrid poos & doodle.