3 Things to Train the Perfect Puppy

Updated: May 22, 2020

By @hypawthesis. Please follow for more helpful tips on training.

I had one mission when I was writing this. I wanted to give you, the luckiest person on earth, the soon to be proud new owner of an adorable new puppy, everything I wished I had known before training my first puppy.

And after reading through this for the 10th time, I’m happy with what I’ve got here. And I’m sure you will be too.

Here’s why.

In this article you are going to learn how to avoid the single most common mistake everyone makes when training their first dog, how you can develop an effective form of communication with your new pup, how to get your training done in half the time, and the key to solving every animal behavior problem you will ever encounter.

I know those are some lofty promises to open with, but I am confident I can deliver.

Why am I so confident?

Because on my mission to help as many pets and pet parents as I possibly can, I have spent countless hours training both pets and people just like you, and I have found that if you master these 3 things you will fly through training, and you will have a well trained dog in no time.

Number 1. Set them up for success.