How to Drive Instagram Engagement

Updated: May 22, 2020

I get a lot of questions and one of them is how do you get more engagement on your profile?

I’m going to share some thoughts on what drove my followers for my doodle’s individual account @quinn_tegan (when I was actively posting). As well as the observations I see which drives more likes + followers for many of the dogs I feature on DOTW (@doodlesoftheworld).

Remember that saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words?" It’s true.

Pictures that are focused on good lighting is a huge deal. It will compel someone to double-tap and even follow when the feed is consistent. Here are a couple of tips.

  • If possible natural light will always be best; early morning, overcast or late afternoon usually provides that nice lighting

  • There are plenty of apps out there if you need to spruce up your pics. I personally use #ColorStory. Your photo editor on your smartphone works wonders too.

  • You will need to take multiple shots to get to “the one”. Have some high reward treats ready & handy so your doodle has something to focus on and look forward to :) The doods get use to picture time and look forward to it.

  • Take inspiration from the people you follow & love. You’ll see the pattern.

  • FOCUSED PICS. Even if that awesome picture is blurry back away from the posting button.

  • Takeaway: Take your time and post high-quality pictures. Its quality not quantity.

Hashtagging bonanza

#We #All #Know #Someone #Who #Posts #Just #Like #This . I don't suggest being that person. Use relevant hashtags that fit your post. If you include the right Instagram hashtags on your posts, you will likely see higher engagement. Plus tags make you more discoverable.

  • Use tags that speak to what you're specifically posting

  • You’re allowed to use 30 hashtags on Instagram. Some say using too many looks spammy and one right hashtag will get you anywhere from 10-12% engagement. I've gone back and forth to test this out.

  • Switch up your hashtags. I’ve fallen victim to using the same old ones. But changing them out often you will see a difference.

  • I use my notepad on my phone to collect my hashtags I like so it’s an easy select, copy and paste. You can reuse over and over to save time.

A post here, a post there

I’ve experimented with this as well. Some will say posting 1.5 to 10 times a day is a way of getting higher engagement. But it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For a feed like @doodlesoftheworld, we are a feature page so doing 2-3 per day seems right for us, but for an individual maybe it’s 1. Some experts will say doing too much is too spammy and over saturates your audience with your posts. If you are a data nerd like me I like to see what my metrics are and tweak things constantly. You have to want to learn and educate yourself. Find out what works for you and your profile. Finally when people comment and engage with your post try to respond back.

When to post? Top marketing firms say this

  • HubSpot - between 2 PM and 3 PM – Thursday is the best day

  • Sprout Social - Wednesday at 11 AM and Friday at 10–11 AM

  • Expert Voice - Wednesday 11 AM and 3 PM (doesn’t specify time zone)

  • Later – 9 AM-11 AM EST

These are some quick tips and if you have any that were helpful to you please let me know I’d love to share these out to the DOTW (Doodles of the World) community. We have a forums page please utilize the group to find more best practices they are doing and I hope this blog helps you drive more engagement with your Instagram profile.

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