Newlyweds & New Puppy Parents... Oh My!

This has been the busiest for breeders and rescue organizations fielding inquiries with everyone looking for a puppy this year. Covid-19 could be the reason for the uptick or at least the nudge for those who were already planning to add this year to do it now. If you’re going to be home this is the most ideal time to train... Right? 

In this blog episode I'd  like to introduce you to Benson and his mom Taylor. Taylor recently got married (congrats) and Benson was a wedding gift to themselves. If that isn’t life changing pre-Covid 19 I don’t know what is :) New puppy , newlyweds, sheltering oh and I forgot to mention being essential workers! The anticipation of getting a fur baby is so exciting. I know the feeling of being so anxious to have him or her finally with you. You read all the helpful tips on what to expect when you bring a puppy home and when they get there all of it goes out the window. Now if that hasn’t happened to you let’s talk I’d love to have that as our next blog story :) 

We thank Taylor for sharing her story on her puppy journey with Benson.

What type of doodle is Benson?  How old is he? What state are you from? 

Benson is our (almost) 17 week old miniature labradoodle. His birthday is 1-30-20. We live in Minnesota.

As a first time puppy parent what advice would you give someone preparing to get their pup?

Prepare not only your home and heart but also your relationship with your significant other. We are newlyweds, bringing a puppy into our lives as been the biggest blessing, but also a CHALLENGE. Just as you move objects from low spaces, move electrical cords and puppy distractions you also must prepare for your relationship to change as you work together to raise something that relies on you.

What’s your routine? 

I'm asked this question frequently because we are both shift workers and Benson is a quarantine puppy. He knows nothing other than us being home more often. As shift workers, we have worked hard to develop flexible routines for Benson. Sometimes that means staying up until 3am, other times it might mean sleeping during the day, and sometimes it means sleepovers at his grandparents. Benson has been very adaptable, but we have wake up routines and bed time routines regardless of the time of day. Wake ups usually look like: immediately outside with mom or dad and their coffee, morning fetch and playtime, breakfast when we come in, and then Benson naps. We go on a minimum of 2 walks a day and we work on training about 1-2hrs a day. Bedtime looks like evening playtime/outside fetch, settling in on the couch for a while, then off to bed with dad usually as I (mom) work nights so am usually up late.

What would your present self tell your past self to be prepared for ? 

The fact that you as a puppy parent also h